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5 Ways to Prevent Technology from Ruining Your Valentine’s Day

Last year around Valentine’s Day, a friend of mine jokingly asked: “Siri, will I have a date this Valentine’s Day?”

To his surprise, she responded with: “Don’t count on it.”

Needless to say, his relationship with Siri didn’t last long; he has since switched to an Android device. We teased him about his decision, but I guess they just decided to see other smartphones.

Whether it’s keeping the connection alive long distance or finding the perfect match based on shared attraction to our iGlaze Armour, there’s no denying that technology can help relationships flourish and grow.

Just look at this:

However, our love for technology can also create some issues, especially if we are paying more attention to our phones than our significant others. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are five tips to help you avoid “technical difficulties” both with your technology and your significant other.


1) Call, don’t text.

While texting is very convenient, your true intentions can sometimes get lost in translation. That meant-to-be-sarcastic joke or garbled AutoCorrect might not go over so well. Don’t leave any room for accidental misunderstandings this Valentine’s Day; call and talk to each other. Plus, it may help create a more meaningful connection with your significant other.

(Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any awkward verbal conversations that may occur.)

2) Put away your mobile devices during Valentine’s Day dinner.

Sure, we all like taking pictures of our food and posting them on Instagram, but don’t forget that the star of the night is your companion, not the number of Likes on your photo. Ladies and gentlemen, can we please put down our phones during dinner and enjoy each other’s company?

Here is a trick that might work for you: Put your phones on the table or tuck them away in a purse or pocket; the first person to reach for their phone will have to pay for the meal. Tip: If your dinner date reaches for their phone first, it’s your cue to order dessert ;)

3) Power up before you go-go.

Traveling somewhere this Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a spontaneous single’s trip, make sure you’re powered up! Don’t miss that picture-perfect moment because your dying battery is hovering at 2 percent. Bring along a rechargeable battery pack and avoid the potential stress of your battery dying at a critical moment.

Bonus: Win some brownie points with your significant other (or that cute stranger) by offering to share your power source. Moshi’s IonBank 5K includes an extra USB port, so you can chat and charge at the same time.

4) No electronics near the bathtub!

Planning a romantic soak this weekend? Bring the wine, candles, flower petals and maybe even your significant other – but leave your electronics behind. Don’t let a waterlogged smartphone or tablet (or accidental electrocution) ruin your evening.

5) No electronics, period.

Sometimes the easiest way to avoid technical difficulties is to remove said technology. Put away your tablet, turn off Netflix and go back to basics: Cook something from memory; bring out the board games; or just cuddle up under a blanket and enjoy the company (or a good book). Who said Valentine’s Day had to be difficult at all?

There you have it, a Valentine’s Day weekend with no technical difficulties.

And, of course…Happy Valentine’s Day!

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