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Apple Event Recap: The New MacBook Pro!

Hello Touch Bar and Touch ID on the new MacBook Pro! It was an exciting morning in Cupertino where Apple revealed the much anticipated and hoped for redesign of the MacBook Pro. Apple also revealed upgrades to Apple TV, including the unified television experience across all devices with the new TV App.

Also, not to be overlooked: Apple reminded everyone during the keynote that this week marks the 25th anniversary of Apple’s very first notebook laptop, and oh, how far they have come.

As always, we are very excited, and we are absolutely elated to share our awesome new accessories currently available and coming soon for the MacBook Pro. We will be updating some of our best-selling protective accessories for MacBook Pro and our new suite of innovative USB-C accessories will help you get the most out of your new MacBook Pro. You can shop our new USB-C accessories here.

Now, on to our recap of the October 2016 Apple Special Event.

Keynote Highlights

Apple’s special event began with a commercial highlighting the launch of their new accessibility website to make Apple technology accessible to everyone. Not missing a beat, Tim then launched into a summary of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus highlights and achievements so far, as well as iOS 10 being actively used on 60% of Apple Devices. However, things quickly turned to the product that everyone was hoping for at this keynote – MacBook Pro.


MacBook Pro – “A Touch of Genius”

The new MacBook Pro is, unsurprisingly, faster and more powerful than before, but thinner and lighter. It comes with the brightest and most colorful display ever, it also integrates Touch ID for the first time ever but the real showstopper is the Touch Bar.

Touch Bar is a multi-touch enabled glass strip that replaces the somewhat antiquated function keys at the top of the keyboard. Touch Bar allows for instant access to the tools you want and need, hopefully allowing for a much richer and productive experience. It’s a tool we imagine will surprise you with the unique ways it will work itself into your workflow.

The new MacBook Pro comes in 3 models: MacBook Pro 13-inch for $1,499, MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar & Touch ID for $1,799, and MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar & Touch ID for $2,399. MacBook Pro 13-inch is available today and MacBook Pro 13-inch & 15-inch will ship in the next 2-3 weeks. All models are available in Space Gray and Silver.


Apple TV

Apple’s Keynote dived right into demonstrating the upgrades and functions now available with Apple TV. Apple TV is merging live video, social and news like never before, demonstrating how watching Thursday Night Football through the Twitter app allows you to see real Twitter timeline commentary on the game.

The biggest upgrade to Apple TV is the TV App, which arrives in a software update in December. This app brings movies and TV shows into one browsable location, that is also synced up with your other Apple devices. This means that you can pick up right where you left off on another device.

Also, not to be overlooked, Siri can now tune into live video streaming apps. So, you can jump right into watching a live news broadcast with a quick Siri request.

TV App Features

  • Watch Now – viewers see their entire collection of available shows from iTunes and apps.
  • Up Next – content is sequentially presented and delivered in the proper viewing order.
  • Recommended – now you can explore a selection of curated and trending shows and movies handpicked by Apple’s curators.
  • Library – Access your entire collection of iTunes movies and TV shows.
  • Store – Browse the store to discover great content across video services.


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