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Apple Watch: The Next Big Thing (?)

Drumroll please – the Apple Watch is (most likely) almost here!

On February 26, Apple sent an invitation for its “Spring Forward” press event in San Francisco. While Apple events have traditionally had mysterious, vague names, “Spring Forward” is decidedly less cryptic. Given that Daylight Saving’s Time is March 8, many people expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to unveil eagerly anticipated details about the Apple Watch during the March 9 event.

The Apple Watch is in many ways a break from Apple tradition. Rather than “iWatch,” which would follow the traditional naming nomenclature of the “i” in front of the device type, Apple decided to name its first wearable the Apple Watch. Theories for the name change ranged from “iFatigue,” to the threat of potential lawsuits, to potential SEO sabotage. Or, maybe Apple decided iWatch just sounded a little too creepy.

Regardless of its name, industry insiders are closely watching Apple’s foray into wearable devices. Gizmodo’s Darren Orf asked it best: will the Apple Watch be “the one smartwatch to rule them all or just another in a long line of ‘meh?’”

According to Vogue’s interview with Jonathan Ive, Apple’s head designer, it took three years to design and create the Apple Watch. One of the most notable elements of the Apple Watch is how Apple is “pushing the wearable device as a fashionable accessory” instead of just an electronic product, according to MacRumors. The lack of variety and less-than-optimal style have been common complaints about the current smartwatches on the market. So if you want a customized, high-fashion smartwatch, the Apple Watch may be one of the best choices for you. You will be able to customize just about everything – from the size, to the finish, to the band type and watch face.

Scott Stein from CNET tried out the demo version of the Apple Watch in the fall of 2014 at Apple’s media event in Cupertino. According to him, the watch is available in aluminum, stainless steel and 18K gold with a starting price of $349 for the basic version.

Check out the full video below:

Apple is undoubtedly hoping that the apple does not fall far from the tree; but what do you think? What’s your take on the Apple Watch? Will it be as big of a hit as the rest of its Apple product family siblings?

Make sure to tune in to the LIVE streaming of “Spring Forward,” an event where Tim Cook will unveil the Apple Watch on March 9, 2014!


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