CES 2015

That’s a Wrap: CES 2015

CES 2015 was particularly exciting for me. Not only was it great to play with all of the new gadgets and toys hands on, but it was my very first CES experience. Having the ability to see what all of my favorite tech reporters, reviewers and YouTubers were talking about first-hand was a great pleasure for a techie like me.

So what did I see? What am I excited about? What will be big in 2015? Here are my thoughts on CES 2015.

Home and car automation: There was no shortage of home automation this year at CES. Companies showcased everything from your standard webcams and swimming pool monitors all the way up to the Sleep Systems Smart Mattress, which can cool or heat up automatically to improve your sleep. There was even a voice-activated oven. With Apple planning to launch HomeKit this year, our homes will only continue to get smarter.

Robot driven and driverless cars were also popping up all over the showroom floor. Car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion were eager to show what they had developed so far. Audi even had a car that drove itself to CES from the Bay Area! The era of The Jetsons might be closer than we all think.

Drones: CES was a drone lover’s dream this year with everything from the ultra-small Hubsan Nano Q4 all the way up to full military grade, six-cylinder drones that can mount full DSLR cameras. You could see and and hear drones in almost every haul of the LVCC. CNN and the FAA signed a deal to launch a study in drone news gathering, so we will likely see more and more news and sporting events using drones in the future.

Smartphones and Wearables: There weren’t as many announcements in the the way of smartphones this year, but one I am particularly excited about is LG’s G Flex 2. I am a fan of the G3 and given the curve of the Flex 2, it is one of the most ergonomic and most comfortable phones I have ever held.

Along with the Flex 2, LG was showing off its Watch R, which was particularly unique in that it was running WebOS instead of Android Wear. Other cool wearables included wireless headphones that measure heartbeat, Cityzen Sciences Cycling Shorts, and other smart clothing.

TV: There was a lot of buzz around TV’s presented this year and I feel we should all be excited for the new round of televisions just around the corner. LG showed off some stunning displays, including its Quantum Dot TV , OLED TVs, and nine different series of 4K TVs. Vizio and Samsung both had some great displays to showcase as well. 8K TVs were also discussed, but with 4K technology still not anywhere close to mainstream, I would say it is a little too early to spring for the latest and greatest in 8K technology.

Overall, CES 2015 had something for everyone and lots of goodies for the full blown tech-heads. However, there were no particularly mind-blowing technology reveals that were not already anticipated. I expect to see existing technologies in 2015 to be taken to the next level and used in new and different ways.

What did you think of CES 2015? Anything in particular you’re looking forward to this year? Sound off in the comments!


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