Fashion-forward tech

The future will be fashionable: The rise of stylish wearables

Three trends are joining forces to influence a more fashionable future.

1. The ubiquity of smartphones

2. The onset of wearable technology

3. Public fascination with new gadgetry

Things are swelling to a point where consumer technology companies are going all-in on fashion.

With everyone looking to create the next big thing – an ‘it’ item in the fashion world – it’s not just about looks. Premium materials and nice lines used to help one product stand apart from another. Now that’s just a prerequisite.

It’s clear that two previously separate cultures – high fashion and high tech – are becoming more intertwined.

Values previously reserved for the fashion industry are now priorities for consumer technology companies.

A new device must generate excitement the same way a new piece from a designer must make an impact. That excitement tends to come from some combination of: newness, unexpectedness, individuality and innovation.

It must be new.

More and more, consumers impatiently await the launch of a new device.

The fashion elite are the same way. Once a product is successful, it must be revamped, with different versions and different colors.

Iterate until you can innovate again: iPhone 5s and 5c didn’t exactly surprise and delight, but whatever’s next from Apple is almost sure to.

Something unexpected.

Steve Jobs had it right with “one more thing – people like surprises.

These days, extra features don’t always cut it: a faster processor, higher resolution screen and better camera can (sadly) cause stock prices to drop.

It has to do more than look good.

Thanks to the likes of Apple and HTC, we’re spoiled with more brushed aluminum and glass than we could have ever imagined.

Now we expect all new tech to be more than just sleek and well-made.

A gold smartphone is a welcome start, but it’s clear that the next generation of devices will be designed with fashion in mind.

Apple and Google have already begun.

Between hiring Burberry CEO, buying Beats by Dre, and filming a runway ad entirely on iPhones, Apple has been doubling down on fashion.

Through a Fashion Week collaboration with renowned designer Diane von Furstenberg, Google is clearly sending a message with its Google Glass fashion show.


Accessorizing is key for individuality.

The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. – Olympia Dukakis as Clairee Belcher in Steel Magnolias

Individuality is where accessories come in. At Moshi, we take fashion into consideration with every design. But never for the sake of it – our designs always have a purpose.

SenseCover introduced a feature previously unheard of  in an iPhone case: touch sensitivity.

VersaCover borrowed inspiration from origami, something many of us grew up with, and created a case that folds at all the right angles.

VersaKeyboard delivers the promise of productivity on an iPad with our signature, origami-inspired design.

It’s only the beginning.

Gone are the days of clunky, beige computers and plastic flip phones. Sleek and sophisticated smartphones and tablets are ringing in a new era of fashionable technology. That is, until our technology gets so small and so advanced, that it disappears. But by then, it will be integrated into everything we wear. Right?

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