Our Game Day Survival Guide

Football season is upon us, which means tailgate parties have reconvened. Tailgating alone has become so popular that some say the game itself has lost its importance. It is no surprise that the technology industry has honed in on this aspect of sports and created a variety of gadgets to keep the party going. From coolers with blenders to generators that could light the whole parking lot, tailgating parties have certainly stepped up their tech game. But how do you prepare your smartphone for game day?

We have three suggested products to get you and your phone from pregame partying to post-game cleanup.


Tailgates are a happy excuse for friends and family to get together, which means social media posts are inevitable. Uploading so many videos and photos can drain your battery, so bring our IonBank along to make sure you never run out of juice. No extra cords are needed with our portable battery line, which can add anywhere from 1.5x to 4x battery life to your iPhone – enough to share with a friend or two. And if they have an Android device, never fear – just plug the charging cord into the extra USB port on the IonBank 5K and 10K to top them off as well.


Awarded “Best Touchscreen Gloves” by The Wirecutter, Digits keeps your hands warm while enabling you to use your touchscreen as usual. They provide warmth, dexterity, and easy selfie-snapping throughout your day. Digits also feature a unique GripTrak™ pattern on the inside of each glove for a slip-free grip on both right and left-handed users. These gloves are perfect for tailgating fun, especially when it gets chillier outside!


With many stadiums banning bags, you’ve got to focus on your necessities: ID, cards, and your phone. Moshi’s Overture wallet case includes card and cash slots, a protected case for your iPhone, and even a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your screen fingerprint-free.  

To purchase: IonBank portable battery | Digits gloves | Overture wallet case


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