Photo Credit: Steven Paul Whitsitt


Moshi made its first appearance at New York Fashion Week this past September as featured accessories in fashion designer Stevie Boi’s show for his S/S 17 CABIN Collection. Diverting from the formal runway show format, Boi featured his clothing, sunglasses and accessories on models that posed in artistic, nonmoving positions – a perfect way for the audience to examine and experience the full collection.

Photo Credit: Steven Paul Whitsitt

Photo Credit: Tammy Lee

It was exciting to see our Avanti headphones, Helios backpack and Aerio messenger bag integrating flawlessly into Boi’s presentation, from matching the neutral color palette to complementing Boi’s structured yet relaxed feel. Overall, reception of our products was also incredibly positive, which was an added bonus!

We had an amazing experience at Fashion Week this year, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Here are a few of the key takeaways we’ll be taking with us to our next Fashion Week:

Talk to everyone

While NYFW is definitely glamorous and high profile, it also acts as an equalizer – people from all walks of life share in the excitement of the week and are often more than willing to discuss their favorite streetwear or show off their latest Instagram shots. These conversations, which may happen anywhere, can lead to cool, creative collaborations that you might not have imagined before. A great example: the day after the Stevie Boi show, we came back to the hotel after lunch and bumped into some familiar-looking faces that turned out to be Matt Tyldesley, Isidro Valencia and Bethany Hood – the amazing hairstylists and makeup artists behind Stevie’s show. We got a chance to connect outside of the craziness of the fashion show and learn more about their work (and even got Isidro hooked on our orange Urbana!).


Photo by Isidro Valencia.

Photo by Isidro Valencia.

Have a backup plan

With all activity during NYFW, chances are that something will divert from your original plans (no matter how carefully you plan!). Have a backup plan ready to address everything from a meeting that runs overtime to a sudden weather change. For instance, while New York is never lacking in great restaurants, a schedule change can easily throw off your dinner reservation plans. Have a backup restaurant or two in mind will solve that problem – and if timing is likely to be an issue, make two different reservations and cancel the one that you don’t use.

Budget extra time for everything

There is almost nothing worse than sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and knowing you’re going to be late to an important meeting. New York City is infamous for its horrendous traffic and ongoing roadwork, and when it came to calling Uber or Lyft, we quickly learned that “5 minutes away” really meant “20 minutes away.” We had a close calls when we had to travel from the Lower East Side to Times Square for a morning meeting – while we weren’t late, the stress level we experienced was significantly higher than necessary. We strongly suggest requesting your ride at least 30 minutes in advance or using Uber’s “Schedule a Ride” function if it’s available in your area.



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