Moshi’s Essential Pokémon GO Gear Guide

We will not mince words; Summer 2016 is the Summer of Pokémon GO. You cannot go anywhere without seeing people out and about hunting Pokémon far and wide. As people pursue the ever elusive feat of catching them all, we at Moshi wondered, “What can we do to help people to truly catch ‘em all?”

If you want to dramatically increase your odds of being the very best, here is our list of the best Moshi gear to help you become the Pokémon master you have always dreamed you could be!

iGlaze Ion

If you haven’t caught a Pikachu yet, then you definitely need a charging solution when you are running low on battery. With Pokémon GO’s need for high-accuracy GPS, cellular data, and a screen that is always on, ensuring you have the proper charge is as crucial as a Pokéball. Enter our stylish two-piece slide-on battery case iGlaze Ion. Unlike other bulky battery cases, iGlaze Ion allows you to remove the battery pack when not charging and still have a stylish case to protect your iPhone.

iGlaze Ion doubles your battery life when you need it and offers slim, elegant protection when you don’t. With iGlaze Ion, slide up to catch ‘em all, slide down to charge ‘em all!


Since your Pokémon adventures will take you very, very far from outlets and keep you on the move, we highly advise our IonBank portable battery series. Our new IonBank portable battery series delivers a beautiful, seamless charging experienced designed to fit your very unique & demanding Pokémon GO power needs.

Helios & Helios Lite BackPack

Finally, if you want to look your very best when you are trying to be the very best, our Helios & Helios Lite backpack series are the stylish bags you absolutely need. Whether you are on a city street or out in a rural field looking for Mewtwo, our new Helios laptop backpack keeps you stylish & organized.


Our Helios & Helios Lite backpack series feature pockets for your daily essentials and a cushioned laptop compartment to keep your belongings safe and organized. Helios & Helios Lite also sport a weather-resistant coating to safeguard your valuables from inclement weather when you are out there on the Pokémon hunt.

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