CES Show 2017
Photo Credit: Network in Vegas

Moshi’s Highlights from CES 2017

UBTECH Lynx robot

UBTECH’s Lynx, a video-enabled humanoid robot Photo Credit: Jae C. Hong

The technology industry kicked off the new year with CES 2017 in Las Vegas, showcasing the hottest gadgets for 2017. From smart refrigerators to underwater drones, CES set the stage for where companies are headed with their latest innovations. Here are our favorites from walking the showroom floor.

“Alexa, what was the coolest gadget at CES?” She would know – Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa has seemingly made its way into almost every gadget on the showroom floor, taking the lead in voice-activated products.

One of our favorites was LG’s InstaView refrigerator, which uses Alexa to order your groceries with your voice, look up recipes and even play music to name a few. Although this is not the first smart refrigerator, we are beginning to see more and more appliances within the home integrate similar artificial intelligence features.

LG Smart InstaView refrigerator  Photo Credit: Windows Central

LG Smart InstaView refrigerator
Photo Credit: Windows Central

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stole the show not just in the home but also within car tech. Toyota announced their new Concept-I with Yui, a built-in AI system capable of reading human emotions and assisting when necessary. Yui can interact with the driver by engaging them in conversation when he or she is tired or performing tasks to allow the driver to focus. Similarly, Ford’s new cars will also integrate Amazon’s Alexa, which will allow users to play music, check the weather and even control Echo-enabled devices at home.

Toyota’s Concept-I  Photo Credit: Top Gear

Toyota’s Concept-I
Photo Credit: Top Gear

But unlike previous years, a new category dominated the floor: robots. For the first time, these devices have been perceived very well by consumers, for which we likely have Alexa to thank. We saw robots that have the ability to make you coffee, give you candy, fold your clothes, turn lights on/off, order your groceries, do your daily chores and many more activities that you may find boring. In fact, UBTECH Robotics introduced Lynx, who is also controlled by Alexa. The “humanoid” robot can sing, dance, or even instruct you on your favorite yoga pose. Walking through CES, it was hard not to be greeted by Lynx or another bot zooming around.

Overall, the theme of CES seemed to be voice-activated devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home becoming integrated into just about every product.

But we are not quite done with our highlights; we here at Moshi also brought our newest products to the show.

CES Products Unveiled

We were pleased to announce our Vortex Air Bluetooth Earbuds and Arcus backpack to our collection.  


“If MacGyver ever went to CES, he’d need the Moshi Arcus backpack.” We received praise from CNET for our new Arcus backpack, which is ready to stylishly carry your workweek essentials or bear the burden of your weekend adventure necessities. Inspired by the shape of an arcus cloud, Arcus is a lightweight, full-sized backpack that is spacious enough for a jacket, shoes, workout clothes, books, and more, while a side-loading panel offers quick access to difficult-to-reach items at the bottom and back pocket for up to a 15” laptop.

Arcus backpack by Moshi Photo Credit: Moshi

Arcus backpack by Moshi
Photo Credit: Moshi

The versatility doesn’t stop there; a DSLR camera insert (sold separately) turns Arcus into a professional camera bag to transport your laptop, DSLR body, lenses, tripod, external flash, and other camera accessories on any photo walk or day trip.

Camera Insert within the Arcus backpack.  Photo Credit: Moshi

Camera Insert within the Arcus backpack.
Photo Credit: Moshi

Vortex Air

Enjoy and share your music with our Vortex Air, available in mid-January. These reference-grade earphones give you 8 hours of playtime so you can listen to tracks and answer calls throughout the day, all on a single charge.

Vortex Air Photo Credit: Moshi

Vortex Air
Photo Credit: Moshi

Vortex Air also lets you share good times with a friend thanks to our DJ4two™ feature, which  streams music to a second Moshi headset.

Vortex Air Photo Credit: Moshi

Vortex Air
Photo Credit: Moshi

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