Moshi’s Week in Tech: Apple’s 2016

We are barely halfway through the first month of 2016, and already people are obsessing over Apple’s plans for 2016. From the rumored 4-inch iPhone 6c in March to the iPhone 7 release in September, this week we focus on what Apple is (supposedly) up to in 2016.

iPhone 7 Concept Design by  Sahanan Yogarasa

iPhone 7 Concept Design by
Sahanan Yogarasa

Apple’s 2016

How would you feel about losing the headphone jack on your iPhone? Does it make you angry? Or are you curious to see what Apple might have up their sleeve with a wireless headphone solution on the new iPhone?

So far, figuring out what Apple will do with the new iPhone is the burning question for Apple’s 2016. It was first mentioned in 2015, and now it seems all signs are pointing to the removal of the headphone jack on iPhone 7, as Apple Insider reports. Naturally, you could call it a rumor, but rumors don’t usually motivate headphone makers to go all in on making Lightning-compatible headphones in anticipation of the iPhone 7. If you want to know a bit more on all things Apple iPhone 7 being considered to date, check out The Week’s detailed feature.

We don’t know exactly what yet, but we do know Apple has a tendency to strive for thinner and thinner devices. So, if you take that headphone jack out, it would give Apple that much more of the millimeter thinness they yearn for.

In other speculative Apple iPhone news, Apple is apparently throwing it back to the 5s form factor with the rumored iPhone 6c. This iPhone 6c, along with the Apple Watch 2, are supposed to be the key product announcements at Apple’s Spring event in March. Essentially, the iPhone 6c should be the size of the 5s, but with the brains and functionality of the beloved iPhone 6.

If all these Apple rumors are not enough to convince you that 2016 is going to be a big Apple year, maybe the investment community might win you over. Apparently, Merrill Lynch has upgraded Apple to a Buy rating and key analysts believe Apple’s stock could rise over 30% this year. So, if you want to play the stocks and go all in on Apple, now might be the time. In any event, if you need to upgrade your Apple devices, 2016 seems like it’s a better year than any to buy something new from that company in Cupertino.

Now, the exciting Apple news is not exclusively all about the future, sometimes there is a story that draws your attention back to Apple’s early glory days.

Apple IIc board Photo Credit: Quinn Dunki

Apple IIc board
Photo Credit: Quinn Dunki

Apple Throwback!

Sure, we all want the latest and greatest in tech, but there will always be a very big place in our heart for nostalgic technology. Recently Quinn Dunki found an old Apple IIc in their mother’s basement, dusted the device off and after some minor repairs and upgrades she was able to boot the device up.

Check out the video below:

It just goes to show Apple, even at the start, built amazing devices – so much so that TechCrunch appropriately describes the Apple IIc as the “Colonial Furniture” of the computer world.

What do you think someone will say in 20 years when they boot up a recently discovered iPhone 7?

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