Jack Dorsey of Twitter Photo Credit: Richard Drew of Associated Press

Moshi’s Week in Tech: Bugs & Busts

Although all things tech seem to be on the up and up, this week there were a few notable bugs and busts. We are focusing this week on Twitter, burning hoverboards and the latest Apple iPhone 6s bug. Read on!

Jack Dorsey of Twitter  Photo Credit: Richard Drew of Associated Press

Jack Dorsey of Twitter
Photo Credit: Richard Drew of Associated Press

Twitter’s Troubles

The 3 comma club, as described by HBO’s Silicon Valley, just lost a member this week as Twitter’s part-time CEO and founder Jack Dorsey’s net wealth fell to $944 million. Due to a combination of stock value declines in both Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey is no longer a billionaire and is feeling the pain twofold. Dorsey was recently brought back on board at Twitter but hasn’t been able to reignite user growth. He also helms Square as CEO, but Square just is not consistently profitable enough yet.

Does this mean that the unthinkable might happen to a unicorn? Could Twitter be bought? Currently, Twitter’s market value has fallen below $10 billion, and just 2 years ago Facebook paid $19 billion dollars for WhatsApp. Thus, the reality of Twitter being purchased by a bigger and brighter social media giant is sounding more likely with every drop in stock price.

Twitter might not be a bust just yet; it is still holding strong as the world’s third largest social network. But, if it continues to slide in value, it could be on its way to the graveyard of social media irrelevancy a la Myspace.

While Twitter certainly has not been engulfed in flames, (though Jack Dorsey is certainly feeling the heat), the next big bust this week literally has to do with fire.

Photo Credit: Cult Hype

Photo Credit: Cult Hype

Fire-Hot Hoverboards

Hoverboards were one of the most popular Christmas gifts this year, but also one of the biggest Christmas fails at the same time. Not financially speaking, but literally failing – so much so that they are bursting into flames! While there have been tales of heroics, the fact of the matter is that tech toys should not be lighting houses on fire. We need technology to enhance our lives, not endanger them.

This week Mashable reports that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a detailed warning indicating that there is “no safety standard in place for hoverboards” and warns all would-be hoverboard buyers against considering any hoverboard that bears a UL mark, a safety certification mark from the UL organization. So, Hoverboards are NOT safe, people – definitely not certifiably so yet. Yes, they are fun and futuristic, but hover at your own risk.

And now that we have covered some of the biggest busts this week, it is on to the bugs!

iPhone Battery Percentage Problems

Has your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus been experiencing a strange freezing phenomenon with its battery percentage display? If yes, then you are not alone. CNET reported this week that Apple is currently investigating an issue where users are reporting that the battery percentage display is failing to update after changing time zones or manually adjusting the clock. Apple currently advises the following solution while they work on getting a more formal fix: Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and ensure that “Set Automatically” is activated.

As far as bugs go, this seems to be a pretty small one, but a very good one we wanted to bring to your attention. Luckily, there is a quick fix, and hopefully Apple issues an iOS update to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Along with reporting this battery percentage bug, we want to highlight the best practice for dealing with whatever bugs may come – keep your mobile device operating system up to date.

Photo Credit: iApple Bytes

Photo Credit: iApple Bytes

It’s Never Too Late to Update

What is the best way to fight off those pesky bugs that bog down your mobile device life? Updating, of course! Some people get it in their head that, if they don’t have the latest and greatest iteration of any mobile device, it is probably not worth it to update with the latest operating system update. This is just plain silly!

Cult of Mac recently did a piece highlighting how iApple Bytes delved into the issue of upgrading older iPhones to iOS 9.2.1 by testing it out on the 4s, 5 and 5s. The results proved that iOS 9.2.1 outperforms the older operating systems. The older iPhone, the more improvement is shown. So if you own an iPhone from an older generation, make sure you update your operating system!

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