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Moshi’s Week in Tech: Changes, Changes, Changes

The world is a constantly changing place, and the tech world doubly so! This week in tech news, we focus on some of the biggest stories involving change for the better.

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Lithium-Ion Batteries Changed Forever – Maybe!

How many times has your phone battery died on you? Like almost every smartphone owner, the answer to that question is probably “too many times to count.” Have you ever thought about what it might be to like to live in a world where your phone’s battery life is not a major concern? It looks like innovative research is being done at Stanford University that might make that phone battery utopia a reality!

According to Digital Trends, a group of Stanford University students have made some astonishing discoveries about the ideal quantity of carbon black needed for efficient battery operation. Lithium-ion batteries have always included a mix of carbon black nanoparticles and cathode particles, which hold the charge in your battery, but the quantity and quality of carbon black nanoparticles have never been examined closely. The Stanford experiment found that increasing the amount of carbon black in batteries led to faster charging time and increased efficiency.

Don’t expect a phone battery revolution to happen anytime soon though, as the research is currently in its preliminary stages. However, it certainly seems to be a step in the right direction towards better battery life for everyone!

Photo Credit: Mashable

Photo Credit: Mashable

The Last Day of Google. Long Live Alphabet!

Friday, Oct. 2, 2015, will now forever live in history books as the day Google changed forever – literally. Mashable reports that Google Inc. is formally transitioning its stock to “Alphabet” by the end of the day. The change comes as part of a recently announced corporate reorganization with an apparent end goal of freeing up Larry Page, Google co-founder and current CEO, from day-to-day operations in order to brainstorm on the next great Alphabet company.

The greater Alphabet corporation now consists of Google, Inc., the internet search engine; Nest, a smarthome device manufacturer; Google X, the “moonshot” division; Google Ventures and Google Capital, the venture capital divisions; Calico, a life extension venture; Life Sciences, a company focused on life sciences; and Sidewalk Labs, a company aiming to improve urban life.

Although the changes may not seem as apparent to outsiders (other than the Google logo change) we are willing to bet some of the biggest changes are on the horizon.

Photo Credit: Engadget

Photo Credit: Engadget

Are the Days of 140 Characters Numbered?

If you love to tweet, there is some interesting news about the future and what might happen to the old 140-character limit on Twitter. Engadget and Re/Code have written about sources indicating a new feature or product is being worked on by Twitter that will allow longer tweets. On top of that, Twitter is also considering other character count changes, such as the exclusion of usernames and links from the count.

Naturally, not too much of this is known and official, but the recent dropping of the character limit in direct messages and the “retweet with comment” feature may indicate that a big Twitter character count change is coming soon.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the 140-character limit? Would you love to tweet out without any concern for brevity? Feel free to share your Twitter frustration stories in the comments section.

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