Moshi’s Week in Tech: Checking in on Apple

This week, we examine the uproar caused by a rapidly approaching “post-iTunes” world and the latest news on the iPhone 7.

Will iTunes be gone in two years?

Will iTunes be gone in two years?

Goodbye iTunes?

This week Digital Music News broke a story that really got the internet and media outlets up in arms. Apparently, very reputable but confidential sources have informed Digital Music News that Apple has plans to terminate music downloads from iTunes within two years. Gasp.

Now, before you freak out over even the very idea of losing the ability to own music, Tom Neumayr of Apple contacted Recode and repeatedly said that the story is not true. This denial is countered by Digital Music News, who asserts its claim and argues Apple is essentially lying to maintain its current relationships in the music industry.

Before we fall too far into the back and forth of confirmation and denial, 9to5Mac issued a very interesting commentary on the whole ordeal. Basically, it should come as no surprise Apple is beginning to look to a “post-iTunes” world. Last year, Warner Music reported that streaming revenue had exceeded downloads, and as of last week streaming overtook both physical sales and downloads. Another fun fact that definitely must be piquing Apple’s interest in streaming is that, as of April 29, Apple Music now has 13 million subscribers, up from 11 million in February. It has not even been a year, and Apple Music is already a major competitor.

Don’t have a panic attack though; you will always be able to buy music. The market is fundamentally too large for music sales to go away tomorrow, or even in two years. However, the winds of change are blowing, and streaming music shows no signs of slowing.

Apple is seldom a fool and, as they have before, they must be considering what needs to be done with soon to be antiquated technology or features. Just ask yourself this: do you miss using floppy drives? Or were you even alive with a computer that had a floppy drive?

Speaking of “out with the old and in with the new,” we want to get you up to date on the latest and greatest in iPhone 7 speculation.

The latest iPhone 7 Plus leaked schematic compliments of USwich

The latest iPhone 7 Plus leaked schematic compliments of USwich

iPhone 7

9to5Mac and other publications began reporting this week on factory schematics leaking for the iPhone 7. Surprising pretty much no one, the leaked schematics confirm the headphone jack appears to be gone (may it rest in peace). Current speculation gaining steam seems to be focusing on what is happening with the camera & what wireless earbuds will come with the iPhone, if any.

In regards to the larger model iPhone, Tech Times appears to have the inside scoop that only the larger model, possibly called iPhone 7 Pro rather than iPhone 7 Plus, will have the stronger dual-lens rear camera with 3 GB of RAM for image processing.

Now, we all know nothing is confirmed until it comes from the lips of the Apple Keynote in September, but it sure is fun to think about.

Don’t be shy! What have you heard so far about the new iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments

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