Photo: Jane Mingay/The Telegraph

Moshi’s Week in Tech: The iPad Pro Arrives

Two months after its original announcement date, the iPad Pro has finally been released out into the wild! Is Apple’s new tablet a game changer? Should we all toss our computers out the window and buy iPad Pros immediately? This week in tech, we dive into the new iPad Pro.

Photo: Jane Mingay/The Telegraph

Photo: Jane Mingay/The Telegraph

Tim Cook Declares the End of the PC

Earlier this week, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sat down with The Telegraph to discuss all things Apple, with the bulk of the interview focusing on the new iPad Pro. Mr. Cook boldly envisions that the iPad Pro will one day replace a laptop or desktop. In Cook’s words, “[People] will start using it and conclude they no longer need anything else, other than their phones.”

Cook is clearly confident that the new tablet will begin an evolution away from the personal computer, as it clearly is no casual tablet. The iPad Pro is a new workhorse of sorts, with the CPU performance now 22 times greater than the original iPad, and 1.8 times greater than the iPad Air 2. It is reactive to all gestures and can create, render and manipulate 3D design or edit multiple streams of 4K video smoothly. It is fast, powerful, and with 5.6 million pixels, it looks amazing. The addition of Apple’s new Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil stylus have made the iPad Pro very appealing to creatives and general businesses to begin integrating into their day-to-day.

Overall, the new iPad Pro is a very bold move by Apple, to breathe life into the tablet market it largely created and has been leading since its inception. It is a particularly interesting move considering that, just this previous summer, some were heralding in the imminent decline of the tablet market. However, it seems the iPad Pro and its suite of accessories now deliver a very appealing productivity tool, with many promising benefits to businesses soon to be discovered. More on that below in a few initial media product reviews.

Is the iPad Pro really all it is cracked up to be?

We just received an iPad Pro in the Moshi office earlier today and are excited to try it out. While we’re working on our own in-depth analysis, we wanted to highlight two interesting reviews by The Verge and Mashable.

The Verge enlisted Vox Product designer Carrie Ruby to take the iPad Pro through a daily usage review to see if the tablet could live up to the claim that it is destined to destroy laptops. Although it was not an immediate replacement for her laptop, Ruby found many positives and can see that one day she will most likely make a full transition to iPad Pro. She does note that the current Adobe products offered need improvement, but as this is just the start, improvements are certainly in the pipeline. Check out Ruby’s full design review in the video below.

Mashable’s review ran the iPad Pro through its usual rigorous product evaluation, and overall, it came out with a thumbs up on the other side. Mashable labeled the iPad Pro the “workhorse iPad” and praised the subtle but impactful updates such as the four speakers and the Smart Connector for the Smart Keyboard. Most significantly, the review highlights that the accessories allow the iPad Pro to transcend to something much more functional than an oversized tablet, but a productivity platform.

Now that iPad Pro has been released, here’s the next big question: how easily will it integrate into the productivity space? Will people embrace tablets in the workplace as much as they initially embraced them for their personal use? Let us know in the comments! We are very eager to see if the iPad Pro lives up to the hype to become yet another game changer from Apple.

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