Moshi’s Week in Tech: Mother’s Day

This Sunday, it is a very big day – it’s Mother’s Day! In this edition of Moshi’s Week in Tech we are focusing on all things Mom. Be sure to tell your Mom you love her this weekend!

Apple for Moms

To get everyone excited and in the Mother’s Day mindset, MacRumors reports that Apple is running a rather interesting Mother’s Day campaign. After recently launching their “Shot on iPhone” Mother’s Day ad, Apple has created a website where you can create your very own custom Mother’s Day video by uploading images of your Mom.

If you forgot to get a gift, or maybe you just want to really knock your Mom’s socks off with all the love you can this Mother’s day, head over to www.momsshotoniphone.com and make your very own video!

Check out the touching original “Shot on iPhone” Mother’s Day ad from Apple below.

Oh, and if you really did forget to get a gift, there’s still some time! Take a look at some of our best Moshi gift ideas for Mom here – our Mother’s Day gift guide!

Moshi for Moms

Over the last week, we have been running a contest where we asked our fans across social media to tell us what their Mom means to them. One lucky winner will be chosen at random to win a bag from our limited edition 2016 Spring Sage Collection (we think it’s the perfect Mother’s day gift!).

The outpouring of love, affection and deeply moving stories have been absolutely amazing. Sadly we can only pick one winner, but we are so happy everyone shared their love for their amazing Moms with us! So, thank you to everyone who has entered, and come Sunday, have the happiest Mother’s Day!

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