Moshi’s Week in Tech: New iPhone Case Makers

It is time for Moshi’s Week in Tech for December 11! This week, we’ve had one surprise after another: Apple made its entry to the iPhone battery case market, and, of all companies, Tesla made its jump into the iPhone case game as well.

Photo Credit: Apple

Photo Credit: Apple

Surprise! Apple Makes a Battery Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s!

Apple did something unexpected this week: they released their first ever battery case for the iPhone with very little fanfare. While the reviews have been mixed overall, what was even more unexpected was that Apple was immediately denounced for their design, which Forbes called the “iPhone’s ugly battery fix.”

9to5Mac was thoroughly unimpressed by the rear “hump,” as described by Apple CEO Tim Cook, and outright declared that Apple is losing beauty and battery capacity awards. We’d have to agree. At just 1,877 mAh, the new case can only add a 77 percent recharge from a completely dead iPhone 6.

The only real benefit to the case seems to be the dual battery indicator, for the iPhone’s battery charge and the case’s battery charge, which fleetingly pops up on the lock screen. It should be noted this dual battery indicator quickly vanishes after a few seconds, which is a bit annoying, though it can be accessed again under the “Today” feature menu. Apple also used its home court advantage to make the case chargeable by Lightning cable instead of Micro USB.

Essentially, the hands-on reviews of Apple’s battery case saw as just many cons as benefits. It’s a bit surprising that Apple released the case at all, as they are known for striving for both product design and functional excellence. They could be banking on the strength of the Apple brand as its key selling point rather than truly attempting to truly innovate the battery case design. Unfortunately, it just seems lazy.

We love you, Apple, but you missed the mark. In the words of Jeremy Horowitz of 9to5Mac, you “clearly could have done better.”

Commentary aside, we are happy to see Apple recognizing the iPhone 6/6s battery life issue. Innovation and competition go together like peanut butter and jelly, and we think our iGlaze Ion wins the taster’s choice challenge in both aesthetics and functionality. Our two piece slide-on design delivers 2,750 mAh of battery life when you need it and slim protection when you don’t.

Now, you would think this would be the only new entry into the iPhone case maker industry, but let us tell you, this week there’s not just one, there’s two!

Photo Credit: Tesla

Photo Credit: Tesla

Another Surprise! Tesla Joins the iPhone Case Industry Too!

The other new surprise entrant into the iPhone case maker market this week is none other than Tesla! The Verge reported that “the company’s strange line of accessories grows bigger” as the electric luxury vehicle manufacturer began producing iPhone cases from the leftover upholstery leather of their new Model S. As Elon Musk is now increasing production of Tesla cars to 50,000 years, they figured they might as well put the excess leather to good use. What better cause than iPhone cases, right? So, if you want to have the fullest Tesla experience as possible, you can dress you phone to match your new Tesla’s seats, every car lover’s childhood dream.

If you love everything Tesla and you already have their Peruvian scarf made of Alpaca fiber, or the Tesla golf towel and matching leather driving gloves, we understand this new Model S leather iPhone case is a must to complete the look.

If we are going to be honest though, and we mean truly honest here, we would say our leatherette iGlaze Napa outshines Tesla’s good intending iPhone case. So, don’t take this the wrong way, Elon, but stick to electric cars, space and Paypal. We can handle the iPhone cases.

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