Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

Moshi’s Week in Tech: Star Wars & Moshi Accessories for iPad Pro

This week, it’s all about Star Wars (and a little bit about our upcoming accessories for iPad Pro). Read on for Moshi’s Week in Tech for December 18!

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

The Technology of Star Wars

You would have to be living under a rock on another planet in a galaxy far, far away to not notice the Star Wars mania sweeping the whole world over. Let’s dive right into some of the supposedly far-fetched technology in Star Wars that might actually move from science fiction to fact.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm


In our opinion, the coolest piece of technology by far in the Star Wars universe is the lightsaber, a energy sword wielded by users of the Force. For the longest time, scientists have stated that there is absolutely no way the lightsaber could ever be made into reality. Why? The photons that make up light have long been considered massless particles. Without mass, light cannot take the shape of a sword and cut anything, much less deliver epic clashing lightsaber battles.

But, in 2013, researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted an experiment proving how pairs of photons could create a state of matter by being fired through a cloud of supercooled atoms and coming out on the other side as a single molecule. Mikhail Lukin, a Harvard physics professor, said at the time, “It is not an inapt analogy to compare this to lightsabers.”

However, real world lightsabers are probably not going to happen anytime soon. Eric Davis, a physicists from the Institute of Advanced Studies at Austin, told Live Science that “using contraptions and cryogenic equipment to produce trapped quantum gases 2 feet from the end of a lightsaber emitter is impractical.” Sad, but, according to current science, true.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm


It’s almost impossible not to recognize the Millennium Falcon starship from Star Wars. Manned by the charismatic duo of Han Solo and Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon makes several narrow escapes in the original trilogy, in large part due to its somewhat unreliable hyperdrive engine.

Hyperdrive technology allows the Millennium Falcon to jump from planet to planet at lightspeed by dipping into hyperspace, an alternate dimension providing shortcuts between points in real space. While this was convenient for storytelling, the hyperdrive technology might one day be an actual reality.

Hyperspace and faster-than-light travel (FTL) is actually not so far fetched apparently, according to Live Science. While it is not possible to travel faster than light, Einstein’s proposal of the curved nature of space-time suggest space could be distorted to shorten distances in a few ways, such as wormholes, a section of space that curves in on itself, or a warp drive that contracts space in front of a vessel and expands behind.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel across galaxies in only a few seconds? Yet another reason why science fiction is so fun delivering up all these possibilities to dream about.

Science fiction is fun, and it is amazing to see dreamy ideas move their way into actual technology in reality. So, moving from a galaxy far away to the one we are in, let us jump to some of our own designs that moved from idea to reality for the iPad Pro!

VersaCover & iGlaze for iPad Pro Coming Soon!


VersaCover for iPad Pro

Our renowned origami-inspired folding case, VersaCover, is now updated for the new iPad Pro. You can protect your new device in style and also get more out of your iPad Pro’s big, beautiful display by folding VersaCover into multiple display angles for typing, reading, and browsing. No Jedi mind tricks are required to convert the VersaCover from a cover protecting your iPad Pro’s display to a folding stand to enhance your device’s use. Promise.


iGlaze for iPad Pro

Fully compatible with the new Apple Smart Keyboard, iGlaze for iPad Pro is a slim snap-on case that is a perfect solution to protect the back of your new device from nicks and scratches. We have designed the iGlaze for iPad Pro with aesthetics and protection equally in mind so your device is protected from damage or shocks but still has an impressive touch of style.

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