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Moshi’s Week in Tech: Super Tech Bowl

Here in San Francisco, this week it is all about the Super Bowl. With the actual Super Bowl 50 event going down on Sunday in the veritable heart of Silicon Valley at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, this Super Bowl is going to be the most tech Super Bowl ever.

Photo Credit: Wired

Photo Credit: Wired

Super Tech Bowl

In no uncertain terms, Levi’s Stadium, home to the San Francisco 49ers, is regarded as the most technologically advanced stadium in the world. With 400 miles of fiber and copper cable and 1,200 Wi-Fi access points, Levi’s Stadium has 10 times more bandwidth than the amount mandated at other stadiums by the NFL. Simply put, Levi’s Stadium is eager and ready to handle all of the mobile data needs of the attending fans.

In a recent interview with CNET, Al Guido, the chief operating officer for the 49ers, expressed his confidence in the stadium’s state-of-the-art design, “Almost everybody at the Super Bowl will be using some sort of mobile device. They’re going to be looking at game statistics, their social networks, sharing photos and other content. We have the high-tech infrastructure to handle it.” In addition to the infrastructure, there is even an app specifically designed for the event that does it all from serving as your ticket, checks you in around the stadium, and it can even order food from your seat.

The stadium was built based on the three pillars of technology, sustainability and the fan experience, and the Super Bowl is going to put all that to the test. Although it already proved itself last March hosting Wrestlemania 31, when fans accessed the wireless network at Levi’s for up to 4.3 terabytes of data (4.3 terabytes of data amounts to 68,000 hours of music). Levi’s Stadium officials estimate Super Bowl 50 will surpass the current record of 6.4 terabytes of data for an event, set just last year at the Super Bowl in Arizona.

It comes as no surprise that a Silicon Valley stadium can flex its technological capacities to the fullest degree, but what does this all mean for those of you not in Santa Clara on Sunday? With recent advances in augmented reality, the fan experience at home is definitely changing too.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Photo Credit: Microsoft

High Tech At Home for the Super Bowl

As many football fans prepare for the Super Bowl by buying the latest and greatest 4K TVs, Microsoft is working towards something much bigger than a brand new TV. Just this week, Microsoft released a video showing what Super Bowl parties of the future might be like with their HoloLens. With the HoloLens, rather than looking at a screen, the game’s action could happen right in the middle of your living room with a 3D hologram. Check out the video below:

Before you start frantically searching online to buy your very own, the Microsoft HoloLens is not for sale to consumers just yet, but possibly in four years for Super Bowl 54. The HoloLens will be a Windows computer with all of its processing power built into the headset. Being its own computer provides a significant advantage over the augmented and virtual reality devices now available such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive headsets which require plugging into another device to function.

You might not be able to have the game in your living room just yet, but how and where you can watch the game certainly has changed. If you are a proud cord cutter, then you may be wondering how you can watch the Super Bowl this weekend without cable television.

Photo Credit: Gizmodo

Photo Credit: Gizmodo

How to Watch the Super Bowl Online

Gizmodo has done a rather extensive rundown of the numerous ways you can watch the game online, on your phone or via an app on a gaming console or streaming device.

If you own a Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One or Amazon Fire box, download NFL League app or CBS Sports app and watch the game for free without a cable subscription. Don’t worry, the commercials played on TV will play on those apps too.

For laptop or tablet owners in the United States, will be streaming the game. Finally, if you want to watch the game on your smartphone, Verizon wireless customers can stream the game on its NFL Mobile app.

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