Photo Credit: Birttany Herbert of Mashable

Moshi’s Week in Tech: Technology & Fashion

To celebrate the start of Fashion Week in New York, Moshi’s Week in Tech spotlights all things technology and fashion.

Photo Credit: Jacopo Raule of Getty Images

Photo Credit: Jacopo Raule of Getty Images

Fashion & Tech

Everyday wearable tech devices are finding more, unique practical uses and applications. At Tommy Hilfiger’s Fashion Week show on February 15, attendees will be able to check into the event with only their Apple Watch via the GPS Radar Apple Watch app. For the uninformed, GPS Radar is the official invitation distributor for all New York Fashion week shows, parties and events.

Tommy Hilfiger is no stranger to integrating tech-related elements into his shows, previously capitalizing on rising popular technology trends by creating a photo pit for Instagrammers. Yet, the official launch of the new app at Hilfiger’s event will be the first of an industry-wide integration of the Apple Watch into all of the future fashion week events at London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. Much to the chagrin of many Apple Watch critics, it looks like the Apple Watch is quite the practical accessory within the fashion industry.

It might be a small step, but it is a sign that industry leaders are taking note that the Apple Watch is here to stay. Little by little, the practicality of the Apple Watch is taking shape, and soon enough as app developers innovate, the Apple Watch might finally become Apple’s next hit. Certainly we can agree, it is a big thing that you can now control your Tesla with your Apple Watch.

While we are on the topic forward-thinking products, LED clothing might just be the new trend!

Photo Credit: Birttany Herbert of Mashable

Photo Credit: Birttany Herbert of Mashable

The Bright Future of LED Clothing

Gimmicky LED wearables abounded at CES this year, with most falling flat since they prioritize tech over style. However, according to Mashable, the respected streetwear company VFILES might succeed with a new line of wearable technology where others have failed.

VFILES is once again partnering with tech company XO for a VFILES XO collaboration (they partnered before on Lady GaGa’s drone dress). The new VFILES XO line will include stylish contemporary streetwear clothing with fiberoptic integration with LED lights. The garments work via Bluetooth where the clothing connects to an iPhone app and the wearer can tap different colors, instantly transforming the design. The full line of VFILES XO clothing will include shirts, hats and backpacks.

A novel feature of these garments is the music mode where the clothing pulses along with music. Soon enough I imagine you will be seeing plenty of the shirts lighting up concerts and festivals in sync with the music.

What do you think? Are you excited to have glowing shirts and hats that change on a whim or with a particularly moving piece of music? Let us know in the comments on where you think tech and fashion might be going!

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