Photo Credit: Aaron Wojack for Wired

Moshi’s Year in Tech 2015

Here we are, just two days away from the end of 2015. Before we jump into all the adventures for 2016, we’re taking a moment to look back on the year’s top tech stories. From Apple to Google, from iPhone to Surface Pro, here is Moshi’s Year in Tech 2015.

Photo Credit: Aaron Wojack for Wired

Photo Credit: Aaron Wojack for Wired

Apple’s 2015

It was an interesting year for Apple, as it seems to be almost every year. However, it was definitely not your run-of-the-mill “put a dent in the universe” year. The Tim Cook Apple appears to be almost fully codified, but some have begun to ask the question: “Has Apple reached its peak?

The Verge summed it up quite well: 2015 was the year “Apple’s products were just fine.” Apple put out a plethora of new products that have yet to prove themselves, such as the Apple Watch, iPad Pro and Apple TV.

Apple Watch pushed Apple into the new wearables market to mixed critical reception (see Mashable’s review or TechCrunch’s review for details). The iPad Pro aimed to re-energize a dwindling tablet market, and Apple TV appeared to be a glimmer of hope in changing television, but no one seems to be wowed yet. None of these new or updated products blew anyone out of the water in 2015, but they may take off in 2016 as developers start to make apps to fully capitalize upon the power of the devices. With Apple moving Paul Schiller to take over the App Store, one can hope some big app developments are in the pipeline.

While it was not Apple’s greatest year, it was certainly not their worst. The iPhone’s conquest of China is most likely the crown jewel of Apple’s 2015, but this accomplishment is dulled a bit by a slowdown in smartphone growth. The good news though, the iPhone appears to be the smartphone of choice the world over (as if we really needed to say it!). So, if there is not too much more room to grow for smartphone adoption, at least Apple is on top with the iPhone.

It was not all about Apple this year in tech though, not by a long shot. It appears all of the tech giants all had their own remarkable 2015.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Photo Credit: Microsoft

2015 for the Tech Giants

Lauren Goode and Dieter Bohn of The Verge had an interesting conversation discussing how, in 2015, all big tech companies were starting to look very similar. For instance, Apple’s product strategy feels a tad Google-ish with products being taken to market without being completely polished. Google is acting like Microsoft as Google’s software offerings are rising to truly compete with Microsoft Office. Finally, Microsoft’s great Surface Pro seems to be very Apple-esque.

It has been a while, but 2015 appeared to be the year Microsoft became likeable again. People seem to be very excited about Microsoft’s Surface Pro, Windows 10, and their mobile assistant Cortana, as well as maintain a continued enthusiasm for Xbox One.

The Goode & Bohn discussion also touched on the fact that Facebook continues to focus on owning mobile. They are certainly doing a great job of it with their offerings in Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, which are just a few of Facebook’s innovations on the rise.

Instagram deserves an honorable mention, despite the fact that it is owned by Facebook. This year, Instagram surpassed Twitter in terms of monthly active users – with 400 million active on Instagram compared to Twitter’s 320 million. It was indisputably a big year for the image-based social network. It is even becoming a reputable news medium, with NASA deciding to post its first photos of Pluto on Instagram.


Our Blogging in 2015

Moshi has had a big year as well. In addition to introducing our first battery case and flagship speaker, we’ve also put fingers to keyboard to bring you our takes on tech through this blog.

Here are some of our top blog posts for you to love all over again from 2015. Thanks for being with us. We are excited to take on 2016!

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