Protect Your New MacBook

When Apple announced the new 12-inch MacBook at its Spring Forward event back in March, there was no doubt that the latest member of the MacBook family was the epitome of the company’s “simple but elegant” mantra.

Here at Moshi, we want to help protect your new MacBook so it looks as beautiful as the first day you took it out of its box, without compromising its simple and elegant aesthetics.

Enter Moshi’s iGlaze, iVisor, ClearGuard and Muse – our bestselling MacBook protection suite, now tailored for the new 12-inch MacBook. Whether you are taking your MacBook on a hike, into the art studio or even just to the local coffee shop, you’ll want to make sure your MacBook is ready for anything.


Diving into the Details

MacBook 12 case

iGlaze, a durable, thin and lightweight polycarbonate case, provides form-fitting protection for MacBook with access to all ports and connectors.

Raised rubber feet help with heat dissipation while a precision-tooled design and a specialized coating provide enhanced scratch resistance and a barrier against scratches, dings and dents.


MacBook 12 keyboard protector

ClearGuard, an ultra-thin, transparent keyboard protector created from engineering-grade thermoplastic urethane, provides protection against fingerprint grease and accidental spills. At 0.1mm, ClearGuard is one-fifth the thickness of most keyboard protectors, and its high-precision molding allows for a tactile response while typing.

ClearGuard is washable and reusable, and provides both comfort and protection.


MacBook 12 sleeveMuse, a slim fit carrying case, combines a padded exterior with a soft Terahedron microfiber lining for a protective and practical combination. Muse features a zipper-free, Velcro-free design to guard against accidental scratches, while its SlipGrip safety catch opening prevents the device from slipping out of the sleeve even when turned upside down.

Muse also includes an outer pocket for convenient storage of adaptors and cables.


MacBook 12 screen protector

iVisor, the washable, reusable and 100 percent bubble-free screen protector, offers screen protection that also reduces glare and eyestrain while using your MacBook.

iVisor is the perfect defense against greasy fingers and accidental scratches.



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