Samsung Event Recap: The Galaxy S8 has arrived!

Samsung’s intensely-anticipated, much talked-about Galaxy S8 has officially arrived. There was a lot riding on Samsung’s New York launch event, and, at first glance, the Galaxy S8 seems like it will deliver on its promise. Samsung also announced its new Bixby voice assistant, innovative DeX desktop functionality, a new version of its Gear VR headset and Gear 360 Camera.

With stakes riding so high for Samsung to reassert itself against the iPhone, we are eager to see how the new device fairs once consumers get their hands on it in the marketplace.

(We are also very excited to share our new accessories for Samsung’s new flagship devices. Shop our Galaxy S8 cases and screen protection here.)

Let’s dive in deep to recap the March Samsung Galaxy S8 announcement!

Event Highlights

Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

Let’s address the elephant in the room right off the bat: the Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus’ battery. With the explosive Galaxy Note 7 battery issue very fresh in everyone’s memory, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus appears by the specifications to be the safest, most robust smartphone battery out on the market today. Only time will tell if Samsung learned quickly from the Note 7’s smoking ashes, but at first glance it looks very promising.

The Galaxy S8

Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S8 in two color options

Adios, home button! Samsung has eliminated the home button, favoring a software-focused button. Along with the home button’s removal, Samsung has elongated the screen display and drastically decreased the phone’s screen bezels. It’s a truly edge to edge smartphone display that will allow you to unlock and unbox your phone’s potential. To access your phone, it’s all about facial and iris recognition now. Don’t worry though, the device’s fingerprint sensor has been moved to the rear of the phone, which is a bold move to say the least.

Another huge feature on the Galaxy S8 is the camera. It seems nowadays that our smartphones are defined by their cameras than their phone essence, but such is life. The Galaxy S8’s “dual-pixel camera is fast enough to catch just about anything” according to Samsung. So, Apple & Google, take note!

The new Galaxy smartphone comes in 2 models: S8 for $720 and S8 Plus for $840 with color options of Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold, Coral Blue, and Orchid Gray. The Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus will be available for purchase April 21. The accessories that we are making for the Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus are our Tycho hybrid snap-on case, our new Vitros transparent snap-on case, our best-selling Overture wallet case, our luxurious Napa leatherette case, and IonGlass screen protector.

Samsung's DeX desktop workstation

Samsung’s DeX desktop workstation

DeX, Bixby, Gear VR, and Gear 360

One of the most impressive new accessories for the Galaxy S8 by Samsung is its DeX desktop dock accessory. DeX will allow users to use the Galaxy S8 like a desktop computer. So, going beyond a smartphone, the new Galaxy S8 has the potential to be a competitor in field of mobility against the traditional laptops and tablets.

To further embellish the bold new Galaxy S8, Samsung has also announced its new Bixby Virtual Assistant. Although it is all preliminary information, it appears that Bixby is all about context and greater integration with apps to increase user productivity.

Next, we arrive at the update to Gear VR for the S8 & S8 Plus. The new Gear VR will certainly accommodate the larger screen displays, but it also is adding a separate motion controller. This new headset will also offer improved lenses and maintain backward compatibility through the S6. They also are partnering with Oculus for great gaming & movie content.

To also further enhance and take VR to the next level, the Gear 360 will allow everyday users to affordably and easily create and share engaging 4K 360-degree content on social media live and experience it on their Gear VR headset.


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