USB-Speed of Light by Moshi

They say that nothing travels faster than the speed of light… Until today. The next-next generation in charging and connectivity has arrived.

Introducing USB-Speed of Light by Moshi.

This April, we take USB technology a bold step forward with USB-Speed of Light. Connect with USB-SL and say goodbye to low batteries; slow Internet; blurry videos; and waiting to watch that season finale.

Don’t live in the past, thrive in the future. It’s time to move at the USB-Speed of Light. Launching April 1, 2017. 


USB-SL Charge Cable

Say goodbye to low batteries. Say goodbye to waiting for a full charge. Say hello to a future of more power than you could ever imagine… or possibly ever handle. Open your device to limitless battery potential with our USB-SL Charge Cable.


USB-SL to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

The future is truly and literally at your fingertips with USB-SL. We are proud to provide you with undeniably the fastest wired internet connection with our industry-disrupting USB-SL Gigabit to Ethernet Adapter.


USB-SL to HDMI Adapter

Finally, you can enjoy ultra-futuristic crystal clear video from literally any point in time with the USB-SL to HDMI adapter.


(Happy April Fools, everyone!)

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